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My Life and the Sources of My Joy

I am so glad you’re here! You and I are going to get to know each other very well, and I want to introduce myself by telling you five things about me.

  1. God is the first priority of my life, and He is the source of all my writing. Though I’ve made many mistakes His grace and forgiveness always inspire me to do better.

  2. After God, the source of my joy is my husband, Charles. There are truly no words to describe my love for him, so I will have to settle for saying that our love goes beyond words and reason and into the heavenly realm, since we were made for each other.

  3. I’ve been dealing with loss each day since February 27, 2007 when my brother (and only sibling) Sergeant Jon Cadavero died in Baghdad, Iraq. I hope my story of how I overcame survivor’s guilt will bring healing to all those experiencing losses of any kind.

  4. My life has been a strange reconciling of my fascination of all things military with my adoration of all things feminine. A perfect day for me is visiting a battle sight, and then going for afternoon tea.

  5. Charles and I ski all winter long and play golf during all other seasons. He and I also play tennis, basketball, hike, swim, throw footballs and baseballs to each other in our backyard, and do something sporty every day.

Classy Comments Only, Please

The Christian Housewife of New Jersey is a very personal space for my dear friends and me. This is a community of elegance and politeness. For the protection of all of us, I ask that everyone keep their comments classy and follow the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Discussion and debate are welcome; respect is required. Any comment that does not match those standards will be deleted.

This Is a Place of Community, Not Consumption

I am very disturbed by the trend of bloggers, especially those who call themselves Christian, to focus their websites on commercialism, which is evident in the pesky advertisements that ever increasingly dominate their space. I feel disappointment when I begin reading an article on a website, thinking it will inform, but continuing to read I discover the focus is trying to sell me something. The purpose of those entries is not to help me, but to help the wallet of the blogger. I am a capitalist, believe in free markets, and think everyone has the right to an honest profit but not at the expense of ethics, morality, and the values to which my soul holds dear. I promise that the content of my writing and the connection my dear readers and I have with each other will always by my first priority.


I am glad you’re here!

This website is for ALL of us. CHONJ is a compassionate community that strives to be positive and uplifting as we help and connect with one another.

My name is Kristia Cavere Markarian. My husband, Charles Markarian, and I are soulmates who spend practically every minute of the day together. Our goal is that you feel better about yourself and the world every time you visit our website.

There are many challenging situations we are facing today, from being overscheduled and overwhelmed, to facing technological distractions. We want to assist you in navigating through all these circumstances, so you can become the best you are meant to be. We will help you become the hero of your life’s journey.

Spread Love Gather Joy