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Fingernails and Football

I'm beginning a new feature on our website called "Two of Us Tuesday" where I will focus on 
romantic relationships. I chose not to use the word "marriage" because I want to include everyone,
whether married, engaged, what I call significant significant others, and those who are single
and searching. So whether you are part of a "Two of Us" or working towards finding that special
someone, there will be encouragement every Tuesday to connect more with your other half...

One of the first things I noticed about New Jersey girls is how gorgeous their fingernails are. The nail spas here take their art to a ridiculously high level. I've seen sports team logos, flowers, and intricate designs painted on the nails of the ladies in Jersey.

I've always preferred a classic and elegant French manicure on my long, natural nails. That's how I've done my manicures since I was a teenager.

But then Husband came along.

Shortly after we married in August 2013, I read a relationship book whose premise was that we should try, within means and reason, to make our spouse's childhood dreams come true. (Please forgive me for forgetting the title and author, since I would typically share that with you, but I've just given you a summary of the entire book.) 

The book stated that even the best parents cannot fulfill every need and wish of their children, and then when those children grow up there are unrealized dreams that they still carry. Many times these childhood dreams are very simple things.

I asked Charles what his biggest unfulfilled dream was from childhood. He immediately replied that he always wanted someone to play football with, on every day that was sunny and warm. He wanted to play catch with the football, so he could throw the spirals.

My first thought was, That's it? His most significant childhood dream was throwing the football around? That seemed easy enough, until I had my second thought: How am I ever going to play catch with my long French manicured nails?

I confess there was a bit of a delay until thought number three came into my head: If playing football is Charles's childhood dream, then it's really important to him. 

That very day I cut my nails short, so the tips were slightly lower than the tips of my fingers. Then I informed Charles that we needed to go to the store a buy a football. We ended up buying a junior size, which is the only one I can throw with my little hands. 

Let me encourage all of us to ask our spouse/other half what their childhood wishes were. Choose to spread love to them, and you will gather joy back to you.

It's the little things that make a difference. Make your beloved's childhood dream come true.

P.S. I know I'm going to get emails about this, so I will tell the ladies now that the nail polish I'm wearing in the picture is from brand Zoya and the color is "Flora." 

By: Kristia Markarian

Birthday Snow Wishes

Hello, darling friends! I want to thank everyone for their patience this past month while our website has been mostly silent. The family business is now up and running smoothly, and I again have the time to devote to connecting with all of you.

This seemed a perfect day to come back, since it's my birthday today, April 4th. And I'll confess a little secret: Every year on my birthday I wish for snow.

Sometimes the Universe enacts the opposite of my hopes and there is unseasonable warm weather....
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