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Garden Wedding

Yesterday Charles and I attended the wedding of dear friends. (You can read about how excited we were to receive their invitation here.)

It was a perfect August day. There was not a cloud in the sky, and the late-summer humidity that sometimes sneaks up on the northeast was absent. The weather conditions were ideal for a garden wedding at the Mohonk Mountain House in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.

There were two very precious moments during the ceremony that I want to share. As the bride and groom were exchanging their vows, he replied, "Boy do I do." That was so sweet to witness, that he was so excited to make his beloved his wife.

My second favorite part of the ceremony had actually nothing to do with the participants. A group of hikers on the periphery of the garden paused for a moment to observe the wedding. Then all of the people crossed themselves (touching their foreheads, abdomen, and each shoulder as a symbol of the Christian cross) and lifted their hands toward the bride and groom to bless them. That was so special, that a group of strangers would offer up a prayer of blessing for our friends! There are many good people in this world. :)

Below are some pictures from the ceremony and reception. The bride looked stunning and her shoes were divine, a bright yellow shade of sunflower petals (which matched her bouquet)!

The newlyweds had a dessert table rather than a cake. I confess that Charles and I shared a plate that sampled every dessert, because if any day calls for a "calories don't count" rule it's a wedding day celebration. :)

By: Kristia Markarian