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Getting Through a Difficult Week

Winter Storm Jonas is causing many challenging commutes this morning, just as it caused difficulties over the weekend. The picture shows eighteen inches of snow on our patio table and chairs this morning. So I want to begin this Monday by sharing some extra-special encouragement.

For those who need a little humor to get through the rest of this week, I have a two-minute video from Doc Mike Evans to share. He is a family physician from Toronto, Canada and his soothing voice will guide you through his video "What Can You Do to Get Through a Crap Week?"

My favorite part of Doc Mike Evan's advice was "temptation bundling." I've never heard of this before, but it is basically doing a tough thing and combining it with something that gives you simple enjoyment.

Temptation bundling sounds brilliant to me, and makes instinctive sense. If we have to accomplish something tedious, or difficult, or something we don't like doing, it's going to be easier to finish that task if we have a little reward for ourselves after.

I need to think of a splendid reward for myself after I vacuum, because that's the weekly task I dislike the most.

For all my friends who are still digging out from Winter Storm Jonas, keep positive. The Spring season is coming!

I send a big THANK YOU to my dear friend and cousin, Debbie, for forwarding Doc Evan's video to me.
By: Kristia Markarian