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Happy Heavenly Birthday, Brother

I just started to read a just-released book from one of my spiritual mentors, Marianne Williamson. Below is a quote that I wanted to share.

"The universe is wired for God's light the way a house is wired for electricity, and every mind is like a lamp.

But a lamp must be plugged in for it to shed any light.

With every prayer, we plug into the light.

With every realization of our mistakes and willingness to atone for them, we plug into the light.

With every apology we give and receive, we plug into the light.

With every act of forgiveness, we plug into the light.

With every five minutes of meditation, we plug into the light.

With every thought of mercy, we plug into the light.

With every moment of faith, we plug into the light."

These ideas are so simple, but every act of love does bring more light into a world that desperately needs it.

It's my brother Jon's "heavenly" birthday today. He would have been 34.

I've been thinking of all the love he spread while he was on earth. Jonny was the kind of person who sat with a kid who was alone in the school cafeteria. He defended autistic persons whenever someone dared make fun of them in his presence. He looked into the eyes of the disabled as others looked away from them.

He is still an inspiration.

Happy Birthday to Brother, a beautiful light in heaven.

Resources for Readers:

Here is a very inspirational nine-minute video from Marianne as she discusses her new book, "From Tears to Triumph." Her premise is that most of us avoid our pain and hurts by numbing, medicating, or dismissing them. But this disconnects us from both our emotions and our spirituality, both of which are necessary to find true healing, wisdom, and enlightenment. 
By: Kristia Markarian