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Leisure Is Not Lazy

It is a common Buddhist practice to occasionally meditate on the possibility of your death within a few months. The purpose of this is not to be morbid or think negatively. The reason for this meditation is to increase gratitude and, if applicable, to make necessary changes to reflect your priorities.

It's often been observed that a person's final thoughts are never that they should have spent more time in the office.

In keeping with the meditation mentioned above, if you knew you only had months left to live, what would you change in your life? What would become your new priorities? What would you give up, and what would you give more of your time to?

Let me gently suggest to all of us that living with the realization of time limits is a very positive and inspiring way to live.

We can only achieve the greatest things in life - love, joy, peace - if we choose to do less.

Many people do their best to have less obligations and stress in their life through multi-tasking. The challenge for modern society is that our lives have gotten easier with advances of technology, but corresponding to that it has become easier to work more.

Life does not have to be difficult, or hard, or stressful because of over-scheduling and over-commitments. It is an extraordinarily harmful belief that one has to be doing something all day long, every day.

Leisure is making time for ease and enjoyment, and is very different from being lazy and not wanting to do anything.

Take time for relaxation and leisure. Embrace what the Italians call "il bel far niente:" the beauty of doing nothing.

Summertime is the most relaxing and laidback time of the year. The season stretched before us as a long possibility when we were children, and it can be like that again.

There are only so many summers we get to enjoy on this beautiful planet. Make the most of this one. 
By: Kristia Markarian