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Mohonk Mountain House

In my last article I wrote about the wedding that dear friends of ours had in a garden at the Mohonk Mountain House (you can read that here). Today I want to share some additional pictures from this very beautiful location.

The "house" itself is a fascinating mixture of architectures. You can notice three different phases of the building project, with the stone structure in the middle and unique wooden additions on either side.

The resort is built on cliffs surrounding a lake, and we learned very quickly the terrain is rocky and uneven. After exploring the lake and swimming area, Charles and I ventured on their most famous trail, which goes straight up the mountain to the stone Skytop Tower.

The trail was very steep, but every 50 feet or so there were benches offering a rest and a chance to enjoy the views of the surrounding Catskill Mountain range. In addition, FIVE states can be seen from the top of the mountain: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

We climbed spiral staircases to the top of the Skytop Tower. The view was so majestic that the miles we hiked uphill were worth it. :)

Charles and I are planning another day trip to Mohonk, including a hike to the tower, during the peak of autumn foliage, when the already stunning sights will be even more spectacular! 


By: Kristia Markarian