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Three-Year Wedding Anniversary

Charles and I were only married a few days when we vowed to renew our vows every year on our anniversary. We had big parties the first two years, but this year we decided to have a more simple celebration on our three year anniversary.

Today we went back to the place where our forever began, the elegant restaurant where Charles proposed to me on Valentine's Day in 2013. Less than six months later, on August 10, 2013 we joined our lives together as we became one in marriage.

My parents, Nadia and David, were with us this evening to celebrate. We had a delicious four-course meal that ended with fiery sparkles coming from our desserts! (The staff at the restaurant knew it was our anniversary.) :)

When Charles and I returned home, we exchanged cards and gifts. Then we had the last piece of the anniversary cake that we get each year. Because of all the days to have double dessert, anniversaries are perhaps the greatest reason! 

By: Kristia Markarian