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Treehouse Adventure

This past Saturday Charles and I traveled along a tree-lined road in the peaceful Virginia countryside. Our destination was a very unusual house, one that is built among the taller limbs on an enormous tree.

The owners use their treehouse as a base for family gatherings. Since they are friends of our family, they were kind enough to invite us to tour their property.

This project will actually be on television later this year, on the DIY network. We had a copy of the episode, which we watched, and it was fascinating to see exactly how this treehouse went from an idea to reality.

We learned that there are only approximately 150 specialists in the world who build treehouses as complicated as this one. It was very special for Charles and me to explore this home in the trees, knowing that there aren't too many like them.

Below are more pictures from our treehouse adventure. There was a long wooden swing attached to the tree, and I think swinging on it may have been my favorite part of the experience! Wooden swings are one of my favorite things. :) 

By: Kristia Markarian